Panahsaz At a Glance :

Panahsaz Iran Engineering Co. , founded in 1989, is a leading provider of infrastructure, technology and construction services in Iran. Panahsaz is an innovative contractor and construction manager with extensive experience in implementing large and complex projects including but not limited to industrial, commercial, residential and infrastructure projects throughout the country. Over the past years, Panahsaz has established an exceptional track record of effective and efficient project management and execution together with its international partners. Proven quality processes, procedures and practices in all phases of a project have kept us on top of our field.

Services and Activities

Run projects at national and regional scale

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The Iranian Phenomenor Engineering Company has been proud of its establishment since the launch of numerous national projects in the areas of oil and gas, water, roads, transport, industry and agriculture. Steps to develop and To develop the country. Some of these projects are referred to below.